918k1ss & Sports Betting Affiliate Program

Why Join Our Affiliate Program

Our affiliate commission calculation is easy and simple without hidden cost or expenses.

We adopted the concept of profit sharing and we earn, you earn.

Unlike other affiliate program where the commission is depended on the bonus,
total advertising fee and misc. fee which affiliate has no control.

To avoid dispute and embrace long term partnership, we offer easy and direct
calculation of commission and it’s solely based on 15% of the provider winning amount.

Up to 15% of Affiliate Commission

Offer Excellence Betting Products & attractive Bonus for member.
Provide the Variety of Betting Games: Sports Betting, Online Casino, Slots Poker Games &
918k1ss affiliate commission will calculate according the gaming winning amount of Sports Betting,
Live Casino & Slots Poker Games. The commission is calculate as below,


$12,000 (Total Winning Amount) x 12%(Affiliate Commission %) = $1,440

The commission will auto calculate by system & up line should maintain at least 5 or above active down line member in current month.

How To Join 918k1ss Affiliate Program?

You can direct register as our member with free & you will get your own affiliate code.

Refer to https://918k1ss.com/affiliate_area

How to earn the commission?
You can share your own affiliate link to the social networking to look for new member for registration.
or you can copy the affiliate link and paste at whatsapp and share with your downline.

How I get receive commission?

Go to the payout section of the affiliate area and submit to request to payout to be debit to your account.
Please contact our Customer Service for further inquiry.

When can receive the commission?

– The commission will calculate for 1 times for a month.
– First week of the month to claim the commission.